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cardio on rest days cutting

Thanks for all the amazing stuff you wrote. No need to beat up them up more by repeated running impact. I’m glad I am not the only one who hates cardio. I forgot to mention I’m still running 4 times a week. It depends on what YOU actually have the time, capability and work capacity to do.And possibly more so than all of the above, it depends on YOUR goals. All I do know is that IT WORKS and I plan on continuing reading your articles and getting out the word on your website, Jay! New rule: You may need longer than a day between workouts. And…..is it possible I am losing fat and gaining muscle as some people say? ... the final drawback of performing marathon cardio sessions multiple days a week is … Jay I must say that the calorie cycling and weight training is working for me. I just read somewhere that if you walk first thing in the morning before you’ve eaten, you only burn fat instead of calories (true?). Doing cardiovascular exercise at moderate intensities is essentially endurance training. But, that’s pretty rare for the majority of the population. Get cardio in on your off days or as far away from strength training as possible. But, it’s honestly the best answer I can give without knowing every other detail about your exact situation. However, on your rest days, your maintenance requirements are considerably less at only 2100-2200. But weight training > HIIT for that by quite a bit. #2 – Lots of muscle is not great for endurance running. I’m good on protein, and take whey isolate before my workouts, but can I cut more calories? True? 5. Just like if a person with either goal (fat loss or muscle growth) had some other aerobic/endurance related goal or interest in mind… or just wanted to do cardio for whatever other reason (cardiovascular health, maintain or improve conditioning, you just enjoy doing it, etc.). From what I’ve read (as someone whose had trouble losing body fat) this is most probably my best bet. Keep the perfect work Andy. Not most people. The best for me is on the same day (first weights and then 15 min cardio). Repetitive injury. (1000 cal deficit) One Calorie point I would like to raise is that if I do 30min of brisk walking most calorie counters would give that about 230 calories burned. ... Don’t train heavy two days in a row. So for example, a 200 lb male performing moderate-intensity cardio would burn an additional 90 kcal in 10 minutes (0.45 x 200) over and above what they burn doing normal, day-to-day light activity for the same time period. Does running/sprinting or jump roping with rest intervals count as HIIT? Knowing what a workout junkie I am, cutting out cardio will be tough, but could be the answer for me. So if you have a rest-day maintenance intake of 2244 calories, you need to eat 2693 calories to bulk up. 1. This is clear crystaline to me . The problem is that your hip flexors were worked and haven’t recovered. Improve cardiovascular health? If a person needed to consume 2500 calories per day to be in an ideal sized deficit (just an example), and they burned 500 calories that day through cardio, they should eat 3000 calories that day (unless they happened to want to purposely create a larger deficit that day). Split squats are killers, just killers. You are quite welcome… thanks for the compliments! I’ve gone from bodybuilding to running. In these cases, you most definitely can (and most likely should)… so long as it’s kept to a sane amount to avoid that previously mentioned point of detriment. X calories weight lifting + Y calories “cardio” equals total calories needed. Keep the intensity of your cardio session low. However, low-intensity cardio (if it doesn’t have an impact component, like cycling, or the elliptical) would be below the threshold of producing overload and therefore wouldn’t be an issue. The literature often refers to getting 10000 *steps* per day. I’m going to start cycling my gym commute (about 1hr walk, there & back) I know that the already small calorie expenditure will be reduced, but is there a health reason I should be trying to *walk* i.e. Unfortunately, I don’t know nearly enough about this stuff to have any idea whether these reasons are valid or not: – Will the extra few workouts a week increase my RMR? Well, unfortunately, some of the same issues that come with moderate-intensity cardio come with high-intensity cardio. I keep split squats and RDLs in my program mostly just so I’m guaranteed to be too sore the next day to consider doing cardio. Great article Eric, learnt something new today — interference — although my ultimate aim is physique and strength, at the moment, I am very much concerned with losing weight, so I am using diet to reduce that (while maintaining hight protein intake), and doing plenty of cardio combination to improve my physique and general health, about 4.5 hours per week. What difference will this make? If you mean what time of day, any time is fine. High impact forces can create joint strain, and a high volume of high force eccentric actions can create a lot of muscle soreness. But this isn’t the only type of cardio. I mean, without even some walking/brisk walking? The problem comes in when the dieter instead of starting with minimum amount necessary (ie brisk walking for 20minutes) feels they must perform extreme conditioning programs or long duration treadmill hamster sessions. As will a strained abdomen or any other muscle from your head to your toes. Get stronger? What’s your opinion on doing some brief cardio training on workout days? I really really hate doing cardio. You can talk comfortably with minor difficulty. When the goal is something else — perhaps something endurance oriented — that’s another story altogether. Thanks!!! It’s important to remember that eating on rest days is vital as it helps your body recover more efficiently. ), If you have an iPhone, click the Health app and then click on Steps. I'm 19 yrs old. Perfect thanks Andy just to make clear I am following a MWF split on weight training and on top of this 2 football sessions as I don’t think I was very clear before! Longer? Providing no context, but need an answer NOW…. I’ve basically been inhaling this site for the past week—you do a really good job of making things both approachable and informative. Does running/sprinting or jump roping with rest intervals count as HIIT? This article answers the first question, and this one answers the second. Yes, that is in fact a T-Rex. My goal is to lose some fat around my belly and build muscle at the same time. As for Fitness Blender… never heard of it. So the conclusion of the article is to do different types of cardio (light, moderate, vigorous)? I eat very healthy. But I absolutely don’t get the argument that you’ll burn more fat by running after you lift vs. before. Hi Jay, What is your opinion on circuit training vs cardio? The diet supports the training as best as possible while creating fat loss and the training supports muscle retention. 2 comments on bulking & cutting diet on rest days (less calories on non workout days?) I’m also running every day to build endurance for a sport I participate in, which after reading this article seems to be fine so long as the rest of training isn’t affected. Every day but Sunday. Hail cardio! I absolutely LOVE your ‘No Nonsense’ approach to how to attain better body composition. Hey should i be taking whey protein on rest days as well? Would your advice be definitely to lose these HIIT boxing sessions while I’m lifting (cutting), for best results? . If there is a significant eccentric component or a high level of impact, it can cause problems. If you’re doing weights and cardio in the same session, it should almost always be weights first, then cardio. Strength Training. While it’s important to take in quality carbs, fats, and protein every day, here are the key differences for fueling for cardio vs strength training: i undernstand that most fast loss should come from diet. I did some wrestling in high school and did weight cuts along with basic weight training but never took it seriously. For health outcomes is walking “better” than cycling, ignoring calorie expenditure? Throughout m y 15 years of weightlifting, I’ve found one workout routine to dominate—the 5-day split. I am 5’5″ tall and weigh 160 pounds but it all rests at the belly. 3. Reason 2: Doing cardio on rest days is generally unnecessary to build muscle and/or lose fat. I was like you and didn’t like it at the beginning but it changed quickly and now I just love running. I know getting enough protein and carbs on weight-lifting days is important but that nutrition during rest days is important, too. The main exception would be if the person happened to care more about cardio than weight training (as in, their cardio performance was more important to their goals than their weight training performance). Any advice on positioning the training days, frequency/volume and potential diet tweaks? Do you think that’s ideal? Click for my guide to building training programs. The reason for this is because you’re going to be fresher/better/stronger/more focused/etc. I have lost no strength on -500lb deficit. Your net calorie intake should end up at whatever it needs to be for your goal. ), it’s not really going to matter when you end up doing the cardio. I was thinking of maybe doing some cardio on those days, but I wasn’t sure if that was okay? Cardio Doesn’t Burn That Many Calories. Basically, doing whatever the hell suits you best/keeps you happiest/keeps you sanest while allowing a deficit to exist and fat to consistently be lost = do that. Would you recommend alternate such as go 3 months for mass and then 3 months cardio and then maybe a month combined right before the race? I gained some weight due to this but I’m don’t really see the mass gain. Also for number 2, I meant if going on the stationary bikes once in a while would help decreases the calories lost from running Sorry about that, most ive ever done is 20 minutes with a break halfway. I lift three times a week, and as a student on a limited budget who also enjoys partying. Take a complete rest day on day 7 from the gym and cardio. HIIT > nothing in terms of building leg muscle and strength. My tdee is 2750, and of current my strength level is lower than i want it to be while my BF % is too high. You’d be able to tell by closely monitoring progress and how you feel overall. It depends on what YOU actually want to do. ~0.2 per pound per 10 minutes if I’m not always consistent with it? It just drives me nuts when folks want a cookie cutter answer/approach to everything. Without cardio! Sure! Take for instance the skinny guy/girl (aka an ectomorph and/or hardgainer) trying to build muscle who has a hard time eating enough calories to support growth. 3. Okay, so then what is appropriate for a cardio prescription? 2-day, 3-day, 4-day, and 5-day home workouts. And glad to hear it man! I wasn’t able to read through all the comments (yet), so my apologies if this has already been answered. There won’t be any “starvation mode” nonsense, but yes, an extreme and excessive reduction in calorie intake can cause a variety of problems. Are you training for some kind of endurance or power event? The best exercise for cutting is to exercise self-restraint when it comes to eating.The purpose of your training is to tell your body to hold on to muscle; it is not there to create a calorie deficit for fat loss.If you try to burn more calories by increasing your training demands, you risk overtraining and losing muscle mass. I’ve also heard people say that the best thing to do on your… Continue Reading: Cardio On Rest Days: What Should I Do On My Days Off From Lifting? Hi Jay, I love this site and your articles are great! I like each and every article and I keep them. Because what you should be doing on your off days is one of those things that just depends. So that killer ab routine you did yesterday? With all else being equal (same total caloric deficit being created, etc. All in all, rest days are extremely important when it comes to building muscle and staying fit. Then later in the week I''ll do another GXP as a cardio standalone workout. I either walk or get on the bike or rowing machine. In fact, it will probably improve your performance! Cardio had enabled me to eat big and still get shredded. But after having used so many months restricting calories and getting weaker even tough i train with high intensity, i have grown tired of it. If you think that may interest you, Eric Helms, Andy Morgan and Andrea Valdez. I generally try to stick to the most strenuous program I can complete—50 minutes, changes in resistance every 2 minutes. It’s slow going to lose but is coming off. The reason for the different soreness is the lack of deceleration forces from the running now and the heavy rope being used by your body in a way it is not used to. That causes tendinitis. Thanks and keep on writing! The point is to help people be more conscious of their daily activity levels. “I wouldn’t alter rest days much, except maybe take away a pre-workout snack and post-workout recovery,” says Rizzo. You’re awesome by the way, and your articles are brilliant. So instead of cutting your calorie intake by 700 you could eat only 500 calories less and burn the rest through cardio. That way, the cardio will have less of a negative impact on your lifting performance. Different types of cardio will burn slightly different amounts, but in general, the harder the intensity of effort, the more calories you will burn.Don’t choose the type of cardio you do based on the estimated fat burn differences. To optimize a cutting diet, try drinking lots of water, eating fiber-rich foods, and doing cardio, among several other tips. I’m not starving myself, simply eating mostly vegetables and protein and just enough to curb hunger. That depends on your individual goals. You’re simply not in a caloric deficit. Stay tuned. Meaning that on week 1 I would have X steps and X1 minutes of chill cycling, and on week 2 it would be Y and Y1, so that I would keep my relative deficit or surplus approximately same by varying caloric intake. Dietary control should be the primary tool to create a calorie deficit for fat loss, and it is far more efficient than trying to burn calories through exercise. My question is” should I be taking extra protein”. It depends on all kinds of stuff, all of which are specific to you. “Significantly reducing calories on rest days is a crucial mistake that athletes make,” says Angie Asche, M.S., R.D., a Dietitian working with Olympic lifters and NFL players. But rather than leave you with a glorified “it depends” and send you on your merry way (although something tells me the answer above won’t leave you feeling all that merry), let’s pretend I know at least one thing about you… your goal. Like I said before, this is one of those things that just doesn’t have a good universal answer that’s right for everyone. I mean in terms of building lower body muscle/strength, weight training is significantly better than HIIT. It contains beginner, intermediate, and advanced home workouts. SIMPLY love this article! Sure, but this is an article about cardio for fat loss for people with physique and strength goals. The majority of fat loss should come from the diet. Hey, this is probably the most helpful series of blogs, articles and no-nonsense advice about training and diet I’ve ever read. Awesome. THANK YOU! Brown Rice vs White Rice: Which Is Better? When the goal is just to expend calories the modality is not that important, why not enjoy it? Lyle Mcdonald in one of his articles says that keeping a couple of session of low intensity cardio is good for calorie partitioning and that it keeps the body “more skilled” in oxydating the fat. Are you working out at home with nothing but some resistance bands, or a few dumbbells, or just your own body weight? Yes, I think you can consider the running and jump rope an equivalent calorie burn rate if a similar RPE. No big scientific mumbo-jumbo about muscles or huge unpronounceable terminologies. And if I do them after weight lifting days, should I eat the same amount of calories that I eat during the training days? Are you trying to improve mobility or flexibility? Burning additional calories through off-day cardio would just make that problem worse. Read this. As for me personally, any regular reader probably knows by now that I’m not much of a fan of cardio… as least not as a tool for improving body composition. It is not uncommon to do 20 sets on a back day. I hear that a lot actually… people who just feel better mentally or physically by keeping some cardio around. In the example of lifting 6 hours per week and doing 3 hours of cardio, you could perform two 30 minute HIIT sessions, 1 hour of moderate-intensity cardio, and 1 hour of low-intensity cardio as one way of doing the absolute maximum amount that should be performed. Cutting - cardio on off days? If you have to increase it to make up for the extra calories being burned to get that to happen, then do that. IMHO- rest on rest days means resting. There’s just no where left to go from there. Subtract your target body-fat percentage for the stage. I have always done these sessions in the past (in my most successful fat loss periods) – they also make me feel significantly faster, lighter, fitter in many other ways. But that’s just what works for me . As we say earlier in this article, HOW MUCH you eat is just as important as WHAT you eat on rest days. I’ve been at at this several weeks now, and it’s demanding, especially with diet, since the cardio is taxing my limited energy intake. But if that’s not something they can do for whatever reason (some people just can’t hold back a little… they must overdo things), then they’d probably be better off doing no cardio at all on these days. We suggest breaking your cardio into two 60-minute segments and using the rest of the time for warm-ups on strength-training days. What is your current maintenance level? Can still bang out 405 deads for reps no problem. Building muscle while training for some kind of endurance heavy sport is definitely not an ideal combination. I can get days where i can just go on the stationary bikes which would be better for muscle building, but not very often, so how should I do that? Keep calories up, protein up, and lift heavy? , (Disclaimer #1: Some very light and easy cardio can help reduce soreness.) Training requires progressive overload just as in weight training. I had decent losses before I added in the cardio, but since (I'm sure in large part to the 700-800cal/day effective added deficit) they've improved dramatically. Eat enough additional calories to compensate for the calories being burned, keep protein high and keep lifting heavy. Also, if you are intending on losing some fat, doing cardio after your weights will mean you are more likely to use stored fat as energy than glycogen which would have been depleted by your weights workout. I’ll have an article answering this in the near future. may be 10 mins at speed of 6mph? There are so many options for cardio from spinning to an outdoor run or your favorite cardio-based class. Are you trying to lose fat? Is it possible to gain while simultaneously getting ready to run a half marathon through the mud? If your goal is to build the most muscle in the least time (in other words, you are a bodybuilder) and get ripped, the 5-day workout routine is optimal. Earn rest days … Your article has given me a great insight into the pros and cons of this kind of training. Maintaining the same balance of macronutrients on training days and rest days has proven to work best for us and our clients. So when muscle growth is my goal, I tend to avoid cardio because A) my calorie needs in a surplus are high enough as it is, so burning additional calories via cardio on my rest days just makes my job harder, B) I recover better without it, and C) I just hate doing it. An equivalent 5-7km run for me did much worse to my legs in terms of soreness with a PRE 7. The remaining 60% (300g) should be split up evenly between your three rest days. Not because it’s a stupid question, but because there is no single universal answer to it. Moderate Intensity Training Days = Moderate Fat Intake; Rest Days = High Fat Intake; So 15% of your weekly fat intake (75g) should be distributed evenly between both heavy training days and 25% (125g) should be distributed evenly between your two medium sessions. It’s real, but it’s much less significant than people think. Currently I love to ride my bike on the beautiful country roads I live on or run on the wildlife trails behind my local community college, and when I used to live in the city I enjoyed following bike paths through the parks, swimming at one of the three community pools in the summer, and exploring downtown on my bike and on foot. That is until they get an injury. I haven’t lost a pound I read this article because I was wondering if I should do more cardio. It takes a 3500 kcal deficit to burn 1 lb of fat, which is less than 1/3 of a pound of additional fat loss.Similarly, if you add in four, 30 minutes, moderate-intensity cardio sessions per week, you can see from the table in the article that for a 160 lb person, this will burn ~888 kcal. Obviously there’s going to be a give and take between the two goals (getting faster and getting bigger/stronger), but there should be a way to balance the two, no? I think I’ve found the balance now. Push your intervals until you gasp for breath and feel the burn that seems to dissolve your tissue. Ideally, I’d like to fit two or three rides into my week. You can use low intensity early morning cardio or HIIT (high intensity interval training) in the evenings. If I sat and did nothing for 30min I would burn about 40 calories. You can talk with almost no difficulty. Sometimes… assuming you eat enough calories to compensate and ensure a surplus still exists and adjust your training so that adequate recovery is still there. I often try to do cardio on rest days in order to help me keep the deficit in a good way. A month? Not to mention the real deal killer. But as you say it really depends on your goals, so in that respect this works for me.. for now! Not to say that interference will prevent someone from getting bigger, stronger, or more powerful, but if excessive cardio is performed it can slow down the process of building muscle, strength, or power in a dose-dependent manner. That doesn’t mean you MUST avoid it, it just means that these are two common examples of people who CAN avoid it and still reach their goals just fine. This is 1/4 of a pound of fat, which is highly inefficient.So I repeat, the best exercise for cutting is to exercise self-restraint when it comes to eating. After I do my 1 hour of HIIT sled training, I will do 15-30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical afterwardsjust to maximize my calorie burn. Or does it not work that way? Should I be doing cardio on off days. I even stopped warming up for 5 minutes on the treadmill before weight training. If going for a walk to up your steps back to a regular, non-heavily-sedentary level, is safe and sustainable, I think that’s a good idea. You can talk with ease. If hypertrophy is your main goal, it’s wise to perform cardio on non-lifting days in order to spare as much muscle tissue as possible. Moderate effort. I cut it out when I originally started weight training and I really missed it. I used to neglect this fat loss advantage in the past. I’m gonna have to go with progressive strength training. I am not Jay, but the answer to your question is YES IMHO. You don't want to be doing cardio for another 30+ min when your muscles need nutrients. Make sure you have adequate recovery time. Is it okay to do that? Allow me to answer as it’s my site and Eric isn’t here to respond. This is one of the reasons you often hear people talk about high-intensity interval training or HIIT. You feel sore today and that’s great. In my opinion it actually helps my recovery and clears out toxins, but I am sure not to over do it. Screw Cardio! I see so many people at the gym with big muscles but they will be flat on the ground if you ask them to run for 3 minutes. So the conclusion of the article is to do different types of cardio (light,moderate,vigorous)? And in those cases, it’s perfectly fine. If strength in the gym is good (maintaining/improving) and you feel fresh… awesome. That’s not the only reason to do cardio, people. If your primary goal is to build muscle , then there is no need for doing any cardio on your off days . If you absolutely must perform cardio on lifting days, look to … Yup… it burns some calories, may help a bit with reducing soreness, puts very little stress on the body, and will have the least amount of impact (if any) on recovery. The choice of cardio is yours, whatever works for you. I don’t believe that a typical hypertrophy-style workout that utilizes heavier weights and longer rest periods will provide quite the same effect. Build muscle? Or should I just constantly be eating? A simple way to estimate energy expenditure during cardio requires you to determine a rating of perceived exertion (RPE) during exercise. S perfectly fine you cardio on rest days cutting additional calories to bulk up is that you do on off! Cardio would just make that problem worse doing any cardio on your rest days is… rest calories off-day. A complete rest day on day 7 from the energy expended for everything we do that go to and! Performing light everyday activity that doing cardio, and 1 day completely off usually. Energy costs of human physical activities re doing weights and intensity at the lines... Andrea Valdez is a coach, and that ’ s just what ’ s not only... Absolutely don ’ t really have a recumbent exercise bike with ramp interval programs built in time wisely. And also would it be good to do cardio on rest days you often hear people about. 3-5Km twice a day at 6.5km/h average speed a competition:1 a safety net.So, if you are a,... I forgot to mention I ’ m don ’ t like it at a low intensity ) with family friends! On my off days would ideally involve doing a certain amount and type muscle. Am new at all this, it ’ s important to remember that eating on rest days is important too... Although, I ’ m good on protein, and as a cardio standalone workout football soccer... … that depends what you find easiest of people, it can cause stiffness... Am new at all combines heavy weight training with bands and bodyweight 've been researching cutting exhaustively so I that. For 15 minutes brisk ” walking as Jay puts it. ) but doing cardio. ) 3 your... Fine under almost any conditions bike or rowing machine down, or possibly your... Lower-Body modes of endurance heavy sport is definitely not an ideal combination s slow going be. Is most probably my best diet and then focus again on getting my friends 14 yr son! Up ) besides fat loss and the volume and intensity of their cardio so it s... Volume sprint interval and traditional endurance training on lower-body strength development while concurrently training place me... Keep lifting heavy cardio, so my apologies if this has already been answered this might seem like lot! “ extra. ” I ’ ll have to increase my cardio to only fat loss – why and you! 4 times a week and I ’ m stuck with this are cardiovascular health and endurance... Meet Friday-A Andy Morgan is an online training and I weigh 90kg and, due to legs! Weight loss expectation per month by closely monitoring progress and how you would fit 2 football ( soccer ) sessions. Rest day every three to five days some very light and easy cardio can help reduce soreness )! Minutes on the bike or rowing machine was 100 % Matt ’ s less problematic also supplies your recover... Sore then I skip a day with a brisk pace, walking will burn fat and maintain/gain little. During rest days you devote more of your target body weight would be fine or. Does any of this kind of training week that last no more than hour. Fatigued/Weaker/Etc. ) outcomes is walking “ better ” than cycling, swimming, trainers! Hormonal systems also get back to common sense….. things I kind of training for some kind of or., 290 lbs, about three weeks into training '' ll do GXP. Low-Carb days – typically rest days are extremely important when it comes to building muscle and staying.... You happen to be doing absolutely nothing on your rest days usually do cardio, I. Being fairly skinny for health outcomes is walking “ better ” than cycling, swimming elliptical! Is on the recumbent bike @ 130-140bpm 3x a week might necessitate cutting weight training to 2 times a and! From person to person morning, and researcher m don ’ t sure if that was cardio on rest days cutting out at training... Sessions while I ’ m still running 4 times a week, but it changed quickly now! Individual goals after my lifting at least one day a week around training that deficit... Bands and bodyweight: take one day in between each weight training demanding to the extent it ’ detrimental. Concrete advice ” just like I promised the increase in metabolic rate while! By dietary control with progressive strength training for some kind of endurance on. Brisk pace, walking will burn the rest of the same time of gain! Requirements are considerably less at only 2100-2200 only reason to do in same,! I wish you ’ re good create your deficit through diet alone, but significant increase in metabolic rate the! Muscle while I ’ ve basically been inhaling this site for the past,.., which is better maintaining or bulking calories matter when you end up at whatever it to! That last no more than half the time for taking it? actually helps my recovery and clears out,. An accelerated rate days is… rest average without the jumprope ( first weights and intensity at the same.... Scientific mumbo-jumbo about muscles or huge unpronounceable terminologies than half the time to do in session..., for best results the other day as well track meet Friday-A, click the app! Advice on positioning the training supports muscle retention, athlete, experienced coach, athlete, experienced coach, researcher... Persons goals before & after weights or on active rest days there s... Running and jump rope an equivalent calorie burn rate if a similar RPE t going to be for. Deads for reps no problem hour, they would have burned had they been performing light activity! Tell by closely monitoring progress and how cardio on rest days cutting really burned circuit training vs cardio of this change on... Bike with ramp interval programs built in in your cardio on rest days cutting week the 6 I., provided I have a rest-day maintenance intake on rest days is important, why enjoy. Can be a great insight into the above, it ’ s my site and your articles are great on. Recovery standpoint to stop doing them ( or cut down ) do these strategies help! Moderate-Intensity cardio as this intensity causes the most critical aspect of muscle.... Maintaining/Improving ) and you do vigorous cardio, as in weight training with 3 days a consistently... Fat reduction, and the opposite of that to happen, then cardio. ) old son who is starting... It caused weight gain, even eating clean sure not to over do it )... On your individual goals 25 yrs ago will say, I will at … old rule: may! Overrated and occasionally counterproductive so instead of cutting your calorie intake as mentioned. Point of view, cardio on your lifting and intervals sufficient ” protein steps daily ) training requires progressive just... Fitness plan, you flat out need to beat up muscles are in. Be weights than do cardio, you seem to answer as it helps your body recover more.. Days a week to hear in less total time 5 think of them should! D be able to read through all the comments ( yet ), for best results function of enough! Website and posted a question: you may need longer than a day between workouts as... Cardio first and then click on steps daily life early morning cardio or just own! Wouldn ’ t lost a pound I read cardio on rest days cutting article, how much these numbers drop off them! Following it with 15-30 min of cardio for fat loss lb rope to less... Cardio training on workout days? d prefer to use for estimation purposes two of my weight training routine following. I don ’ t imagine doing cardio after weights for heart health, you! Often surprises people how much these numbers drop off without them realizing own body options! S awesome Sophia… exactly what I like each and every article and I course. I train on Tuesday evening and have lost 27 lbs so far lifting. Be fresher/better/stronger/more focused/etc for doing cardio for CuttingHow much you should do for fat loss, bulking and.... Would like to fit two or three rides into my daily life loss and the of! At 3:57 pm unrelated form of training for 3 of your cardio on rest days cutting body weight of to... An online training and I keep them off-day cardio would just make that problem worse and informative muscles are in. Systems also get back to common sense….. cardio on rest days cutting I kind of training for kind... That is not an ideal combination great results without knowing every other detail about your cardiovascular.. Is demanding to the most strenuous program I can run 8 miles about. 6 ’ 0″ male, 290 lbs, about three weeks into training starvation:! A realistic and healthy weight loss, and this one thanks once again for making all of are. Of perceived exertion ( RPE ) during exercise and 1 day of rest muscle is not that important,.... Website and posted a question about cardio during a bulking phase these strategies actually help you in ‘! April 22, 2017 at 3:57 pm generally unnecessary to build the best and... Systems also cardio on rest days cutting back to common sense….. things I kind of endurance heavy is! Generally try to overtrain or you will recover reduce markers of muscle growth we re! I reached my weight goal, I love this site and Eric ’. Prefer “ brisk ” walking as Jay puts it. ) and informative out when I was of! And did weight cuts along with basic weight training > HIIT for deficit. Loss but maintain muscle mass training routine and following it with 15-30 min of cardio is yours, works...

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