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how to prepare yixing teapot

These gather the flavor of the tea in the clay through repeated use. Boiling (combined with scrubbing afterwards) could remove the wax … Fill your teapot with newly boiled water and allow the water to sit for 5 to 10 minutes. The teapot remains one of the most important elements in Chinese tea making. Styles of Yixing tea pot that best suits your personal style and needs. In general, a small Zi Sha tea pot under 250ml is preferred in making Gongfu tea. The teapot should be a small yixing teapot (about 2oz in capacity) capable of filling about 2-3 cups (porcelain cups of 0.33oz capacity each). This allows you to experience the multiple layers of flavor, instead of tasting the ‘average’ tea flavor by brewing in a large teapot. Step 10: Allow the teapot to dry completely. Since the pot is unglazed, it will retain the oils and tastes of the last tea leaves used. Trusted vendors 7. Pay close attention to places where the tea may sit, e.g. The yixing teapot is the perfect vessel to brew oolong and black teas. Initiating a new yixing teapot – 3 method. There are many traditional Chinese and Japanese tea vessels such as the gaiwan or … 2. IV. These tips on caring for your new Yixing (sometimes called Zisha) teapot will help you enjoy your tea and your pot to the fullest. Amongst the finest Chinese teapots, those produced from Yixing clay are considered to be the best. Learn how Yixing teapots are made! Teapots are a classic way to prepare loose leaf tea, and have been used for centuries all around the world. Finished off by covering the teapot and pour hot water over the entire teapot including the cover. If your teapot molds, reboil for 10-15 minutes and re-season. The Grand Prospirator shares about his great love of tea and how to prepare a yixing teapot … The specially fired clay of Yixing teapots absorbs the flavor of each particular tea, therefore it is necessary to use a separate teapot for each tea. Put the tea into the Yixing teapot and pour boiling water, it doesn’t need too much water this time, just cover the tea leaves. As the teapot ages through use it will produce better and better cups of tea and will acquire the rich sheen of matured seasoned zisha clay. 2012-09-07 Samuel Chen. From steel cauldrons to brewing straight from one’s drinking cup or bowl, the teapot is but one way to prepare the camellia sinensis. • Prepare tea leaves. They were first made as an alternative to porcelain teapots that were used in ceremonies for many years in China. V. Four levels of price for Yixing teapots. Seasoning a new Yixing teapot 1- Scrub the inside of the teapot with a sponge or a material that is not too abrasive 2- Rinse the teapot with clear water, fill it and then let it sit with the water inside overnight 3- Place the teapot in a big pot and cover it with water. III. Prior to the invention of Yixing teapot, the process of preparing tea involved grinding tea leaves and adding incense. A Yixing teapot should only be used for one type of tea, or at least the same class of tea. In the traditional Chinese tea ceremony, Oolong is served in a Yixing clay teapot. Yixing teapot care instructions 6. There are many schools of thought in the tea world, but people who know and love these clay pots will agree that your pots should be properly initiated before preparing tea in them. Traditionally, the teapot should be quite small: about 3.4–6.8 oz (100–200 mL) for a single serving. Leave for at least two hours. Rinse the teapot in cold water. Asian: Prepare this Chinese tea with Yixing teapot which is placed on traditionally slotted bamboo trays to ease serving. Steps to prepare your new Zisha Yixing Pot. Yixing clay types 2. The following procedure will ensure the full experience of enjoying Oolong or green tea: 1, Pre-rinse the pot with hot water before use. g Boiling the teapot for 30 minutes and 3 hours may do just the same work on the teapot, while 3-hour boiling induces more risk; h. Some yixing teapots are waxed on the outside surface. Yixing teapots are meant for use with black and oolong teas, as well as aged pǔ’ěr tea. Start by pouring hot water into the pot to warm it. It is now ready for use as a fully functioning yixing teapot. 1. Yixing pots were the first ‘teapots’ with a plump belly, small opening, a lid, and a spout. The First Drinkable Potful — Once the teapots were ready for use, hubby and I selected one … Although simple and unique, these teapots are extremely helpful, especially if you want to prepare Chinese tea the right way. If you use a clay teapot, you may also want to use a wooden tea boat. However, with the invention of Yixing teapot, people began using whole tea leaves and tea buds to prepare tea.

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